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Backgammon, the two player board game with ancient roots. If you would like to learn more about Backgammon rules, history or etiquette check out the navigation links on the right.

Backgammon is a game that incorporates the elements of luck and strategy. The roll of the dice can make a break a game for a player. Strategy is equally important as luck; there are usually several possible moves for each roll and deciding which is best for the current game and opponent takes careful consideration. There are various established tactics for Backgammon such as a "running game" which is a race for the finish. Or a "holding game" which is maintaining control of key areas of the board.

Backgammon is often a social game. Many areas have Backgammon clubs which schedule meetings for playing and discussing Backgammon. Clubs may also organize local tournaments with the winner playing is regional, national and then international tournaments. The largest international Backgammon tournament is the World Backgammon Championship held in Monte Carlo.

Backgammon is a fun and challenging and is a great game to play with a friend. Check out the selection of Backgammon boards below or use the menu on the right to find your perfect Backgammon board. You can choose from the standard every-day Backgammon board to an antique or premium board that is also a work of art.

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