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Backgammon Etiquette

A few things every Backgammon Player should know.

Backgammon can be a fun board game – provided, of course, that both players follow the basic etiquette of the game. Whether youre a casual fun seeker or a serious player, you should follow these common courtesies. They will impress your opponents and ensure that your games run as smoothly as possible.

Do away with the unnecessary distractions. Before the match, you should turn off your cell phone and music player. While youre playing, avoid distractions like speaking with spectators, munching on noisy or odorous foods, et cetera.

Discuss the rules and terms of the game before you begin. Both players need to be in complete agreement about such things as beavers, scorekeeping duties, et cetera. This way, there is no misunderstanding later.

Some more serious players like to write down notes, or copy interesting positions on the board as they come up. This lets them review the match later so that they can improve their game. If you want to do this, you should ask your opponent before you pull out a pad and paper.

As with anything else in life, mocking or belittling other people is not acceptable. Winners should win graciously. Losers should lose graciously. Verbally abusing the other player is nothing but poor sportsmanship.

Celebrating an opponents downfall is tacky – and very annoying. Yes, you just hit two of his blots. Yes, thats great news. But jumping out of the chair and shrieking “Yeah! Im in the zone, baby!” is not likely to lead to an invitation to play in that venue again.

Leave your dice alone until it is your turn to play. The other player rarely, if ever, wants to hear you shaking your cup, scooting your dice around, or otherwise making noise while hes trying to concentrate.

Leave your opponents checkers alone, too. If he werent capable of moving his checkers for himself, then he would not be in the middle of a game with you.

Taking some time to think about your options is fine. You should, however, act as quickly as possible. If there are only two possible moves, you dont need twenty minutes to figure out which one is best.

Attributing the other players win to pure luck is considered rude. Though there is a luck factor in backgammon, there is also plenty of strategy and planning involved in the game. Saying, “Oh, its all luck with you, buddy” or something similar when your opponent wins marks you as either an amateur or a poor sport.

Dont touch the doubling cube unless you intend to offer a double. If you start to play with the cube, you have an advantage over your opponent because you can watch his reaction and then decide, from that information, whether to actually offer the double.

If your opponent declines your offer to resign, dont continue offering the resignation every time your turn comes up.

Following these basic rules of etiquette has many benefits. Aside from receiving future invitations to play at that venue, or with that opponent, you will also earn the respect of other players. And when youre able to politely and courteously defeat a skilled opponent, you cant help but be confident in your play.

Now that you know how to play Backgammon and the finer points of Backgammon etiquette you need a Backgammon board so you can start playing!